Lycurgus (Sparta) vs. Solon (Athens)

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Throughout ancient Greece history, there has been multiple lawgivers that shaped Greece's culture and social dynamics. Two of those main and well-known lawgivers of that time are Lycurgus and Solon. While Lycurgus reform shaped Spartan society and Solon's shaped Athens, their laws were created for the greater good of their cities. Both lawgivers have a different approach as to how they could help their cities and not favor just one side of the social hierarchy and not the other. They seem to have a different definition of justice and equality. In their reform, Solon was more of a neutralist while Lycurgus was trying to achieve equality. While both addressed the inequality that loomed over their cities, their reform and tactics were completely different from each other but one thing for sure, it changed Athens and Sparta drastically during that period of time.
First and foremost, Lycurgus' and Solon's notion of justice and equality do not share the same ideas. They both are fair in their reforms but Lycurgus believed more in equality than did Solon. In his reform, he destroyed greediness for money and luxury. Everyone was equal under the law. According to his reform, no one was below or above the law. Lycurgus did not favor the rich nor the poor. He did not believe in such system. In his reforms, everything was split equally between the citizens. No one had too much or too little. Those who thought that they were superior and could not follow the law, even the King, faced equal penalty. Lycurgus had a 'justice and equality for all' propaganda.
Solon's notion of justice and equality is blurry, on the other hand. He has a neutralist approach in his reforms. He does not favor the rich nor the poor, but unlike Lycurgus, his reforms...

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...ready has a shortage of true Spartan by blood, killing them will only decrease that number. While this may be seen as a weakness, it can also be a strength to the Spartan Society. While he is killing the weak, Lycurgus at the same time is breeding a better, finer, healthier, stronger and powerful population of Spartans.
As shown above, Greek had two great lawgivers that attempted to create the best laws for their cities. Lycurgus laws portrayed him as a man who wanted harmony within Sparta. His reforms' goals was to create the best out of Sparta and eliminate the disease of greed, power and luxury. Solon laws depicted him as a neutralist. He realizes that in politics, he can never fully satisfy everyone but he tries his best to offer both side what he sees fit. In the end, both reforms greatly affects the Greek cities during that time and provided relief for many.
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