Lust and Infidelity: Reckless and On the Loose

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Even at a relatively young age, I can attest nobody is perfect. Everybody I have ever met has proven this notion time and time again; it is one of the many inevitable downfalls of human nature. Lust, one of the seven deadly sins, is a common point of controversy at the moment. Due to an unseeingly uncontrollable physical attraction toward someone or something, this feeling and action never seem to result in a positive outcome. Currently, marital infidelity is at an all time high, caused from various sources including some of the following: a larger availability and accessibility to divorce, a higher value placed on other aspects of life, and publically available pornography for younger individuals. Nevertheless, a global, upward trend of infidelity is evident with some very obvious reasoning behind it.
A very logical and personal favorite reason of mine for more people cheating on their spouses is simply that people are getting caught more frequently. As once said by Benjamin Franklin, “Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” Think about it; our current access to technology and resources is at a seemingly exponential upward trend. These advances, primarily the onset of social media, bring to life many affairs, which were once private. Recently, I followed a story of a couple that broke up because the girlfriend learned of her unfaithful boyfriend’s cheating through his top Snapchat recipients; she was already suspicious, saw this top “best friend” from another friend of hers, and realized she was in fact being “screwed over.” I’m sure one would see it understandable when she blew up on him via Facebook the following day.
Younger couples are very exposed to the availability of pornography. The world is much past the ...

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...ion on infidelity, when perhaps in the past they were reluctant or unable to do so. With women now largely in the workforce, they no longer solely rely on the one-sided income men bring in; this could result in a higher divorce rate among the population. Also, through various women’s rights movements, women have been taught to be more independent; therefore, they are more willing to take action on a failing marriage.
The world is an ever evolving habitat, with its inhabitants rapidly altering from old to new as time progresses. The subject of infidelity is seemingly unsolvable and unavoidable. Populations have noticed a constant increase in these numbers throughout recent years. Many factors may contribute to this movement, ranging from technological advances to just change over time. People will continue to learn and adjust to these modifications as they appear.

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