Lust For Power In Hamlet

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"Hamlet," the story of a hero, is tragic and partly comical. After speaking with the ghost of

his father, Prince Hamlet learns the man his mother married, who is also his uncle, is his fathers 's murderer.

Hamlet vowed vengeance for his father 's death. Hamlet goes through episodes of pretending to have lost touch

with reality, becoming obsessed with proving his manipulating uncle, King Claudius, his mother 's new husband

murdered his father. Clueless to Hamlet action, Claudius learns quickly of prince Hamlets knowledge and take

action against him deceitfully, by plotting to kill him. How could this man kill his own brother? How could a

mother scorn her only son? How could she marry her deceased husband 's brother so quickly after his
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Lust for power is a powerful attitude. Claudius

willingness to do whatever it takes to be king of Denmark is just the beginning of the play. Claudius is the

almighty, I 'll power, and unbothered as the play "Hamlet" opens. It is very clear to the reader that Claudia has no

limits, especially going as far as to kill his own brother and order to take over the throne of Denmark. Although,

Claudius is incapable of ruling the kingdom and weak. According to Shakespeare, "there 's such divinity doth

hedge a king." (4.5.123, 277). Claudius took extreme measures to ensure that he kept his powers. Greed is one

of his characteristic that led him to obtain power by becoming king. Claudia does not appear to have a genuine

love for Gertrude, but he knew he had to marry her to be king. Hey poisoned his brother in order to get to his

sister in law and become ruler of Denmark. Claudius praise for forgiveness, but he still holds the things close in

which he killed his brother for such as the throne and crown. He could have confessed to Prince Hamlet and

Queen Gertrude but he wasn 't willing to give up all power with being king. He even allowed his wife to drink

poison so that he could remain
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At this point Shakespeare 's depiction

of malicious intent, lies, betrayal, deception, lust for power and death shows no loyalty to anyone. Longtime

friends of hamlet betrayed him by following orders of the king to spy on him and have him sent to England to

eventually be healed. Throughout the play, plans or backfired. Claudius desires to be king of Denmark led him to

kill his own family. Although hamlet eventually dies everyone who played a part in his death also die. Leaving

Horatio left to tell the story. Horatio states, "had it th ' ability of life to thank you. He never gave commitment for

their death. So shall you here. All of this can actually deliver." (334). After Laertes dies from his own trick secure

Hamlet, Hamlet realizes that he has been betrayed. Hamlet forces Claudius to drink poison, which causes him to

die. "Why as a woodcock to mine own springe, Osric. I am just leaving healed with mine on treachery." (328).

Prince Hamlet revive did the initial letter to have him killed ordering Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to be killed instead. Horatio consider killing himself by drinking poison, but hamlet begged him not to. After all the
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