Lungs Of The Earth Essay

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The Lungs of the Earth (Indonesian Economy)
What are the lungs of the Earth? - Forest. Trees inhale carbon dioxide, in the process of photosynthesis giving out oxygen for human and animals to breathe. Most of the living creatures need oxygen to survive. Forest provide natural resources, inspire wonders and places for recreation. It is a home for the plants and animals also there are many species of them which are still undiscovered. Forest also protects the villages from natural disasters such as flood, neutralizes the pollution of the water, lessens the soil erosion to prevent floods in the nearby river, source of economy and provides thousands of species of herbs that may cure illnesses. Despite many benefits for having forests, people take advantage of it for their personal interests. A huge destruction had caused to the world, therefore measurement has to be taken immediately.
Forest sector’s Development in Indonesia
Exporting goods from Indonesia
The diversity of trees from soft wood to hard wood is found in the forest in Indonesia. The local people utilize their natural resources (wood) for construction, furniture and handcrafted goods to generate more revenues. Other than exporting goods to the world, they are also made use of it for personal benefits.
Indonesia is one of the largest wood exporters in the world, especially through the export of timber. Forest in Indonesia has contributed greatly to the domestic economy. The government implemented the “Basic Forestry Law” in the year 1967 to support both economic growth and crisis. The government tried to attract foreign investors by establishing specific strategies.
Foreign investors from Japan, Korea, Philippines and Malaysia were interested on the forestry...

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...n, communities, and villagers) have to play a part for preventing the peat fires especially in the districts and subdistricts of Riau. Illegal loggers and land clearing for small farmers
Oil Palm plantation development, timber, and large holder of certified logging companies are closely related to forest fires. Trees are sometimes being destroyed in the fastest and cheapest way. Everything is uncontrollable when the forest in on fire, spreading through the communities and even vanishing established crops.
It is harder than expected to monitor the entire forest. These are the few factors: Lack of manpower to patronize the whole area, nearly impossible to monitor the intruders along the forest boundary, and illegal loggers may slip in to the forest to obtain the valuable resources without being detected.
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