Lumpkin Personality

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Personality is defined as the organized pattern of behavioral characteristics of the individual, according to I recently took two different personality tests. I have to admit, I was very impressed with the results. The first test I took determined if I was Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, or Melancholy. I had ten descriptions for each category. I totaled seven in the D/Commanding Choleric section, four in the I/Cheerful Sanguine section, five in the S/Calm Phlegmatic section, and eight in the C/Clever Melancholy section. This means that I am primarily Melancholy and secondarily Choleric. My understanding of the word Melancholy is that I am sensitive and introverted, meaning that I would rather be to myself and I am not outgoing. This is exactly how I thought of myself. I feel like others cannot be trusted sometimes and other times I just feel like it is more stressful for me to talk to other people so I just keep things to myself most of the time. I also pay very close attention to details when I am doing any task. I am sort of a perfectionist. When things are not perfect of the way I want things it causes an issue for me. I am also goal-orientated. I set a goal for myself and I do not let anything come in the way of me accomplishing that goal. I may have some rough times trying to reach that goal but I always come out on top. Now my understanding of the word Choleric is that it is in some way the same as Melancholy but it still has its differences. When I say I am Choleric this means that I am determined, dominating, and outspoken. Basically it is my way or the highway. I want everything done in my own way at the pace that I set, which is usually right at that very moment. My basic desire, according to the test...

... middle of paper ... because I show no emotion and this could cause me to lose customers. Some of my results I did not agree with. For example, when I researched my personality type on it said that I was patient and had the ability to concentrate. I am very impatient and I am easily distracted especially when under stress. Other than those two descriptions I think that these tests really helped me further understand my personality. I do hope to change a few things about myself in the future. I want to be more caring and open to people. I do not want to give off any bad impressions to anyone any more than I already have. I believe that if I began to trust people more my personality would change tremendously. Overall, I really enjoyed both of these tests. I hope to take more time out to research more about my personality just to see if anything changes over time.
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