Lucy Weathers Case Study

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Lucy Weathers became a teen mother just at the age of fifteen to a baby girl; whom she would do anything for. Being a single parent is difficult, yet she managed to finish school and provide a decent life for her and her daughter. That is, until the day she turned eighteen, when a man broke into their home, holding Lucy’s daughter at gunpoint demanding Lucy to rob a bank in order to save her daughter’s life. Lucy, having the scariest situation did what any mother would do; she drove to the local BB&T Bank with the .45 handgun her father had given her for protection. She preceded to hand the woman at the cashier’s desk a note stating that she needed some money from the safe and that she had a gun. The cashier looked at Lucy terrified; and then went to unlock the safe, putting the money in a bag. As the woman did so, she snuck her hand to quickly press a button over by the safe that would alert the police. While…show more content…
Moreover, there would be a subsequent life altering impact on her life if she were to serve time for an armed robbery charge. The same circumstance goes for all convicted of a crime, future employers may not want to hire someone who has served a prison sentence. That problem affects that person’s life forever, making it more likely for them to commit another crime and end up in prison once more. And, for Lucy, she needs a job in order to support her young daughter that would be going into pre-school that year. The consequences of committing a crime are a harsh reality; everything becomes much harder which needs to change. When a person is released from prison, employers need to hire them in order to keep them off the streets and committing another crime. Life is said to be all about second chances; if this is the case, then why is that ex-convicts do not receive another

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