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Lucy had gone missing on Wednesday. It was now Friday. When she failed to return home from school, her father, a policeman named John, called all of her friends and neighbours, asking in a panic if they’d seen her. They hadn’t. She was only 8, she’d never been separated from her mother and father for more than a few days, but even then they had kept in contact somehow, whether by phone or by post. They were very worried about her. John and Mary, his wife, had been constantly phoning everyone they knew, checking and double-checking if anyone had seen their daughter or if they had any news about her. As it was, they didn’t have to wait very long for news and it came in the form of a note left tucked under their doormat. If you wish to see your daughter again, a price of £1,000,000 must be delivered to us in £50 notes. You will be contacted within one week with further instructions. The note was scruffily formed out of single letters cut out from magazines and newspapers, glued onto a sheet of thick paper. Mary was the one to find it; she noticed it when she was throwing out a bag of cut grass and garden debris. She grasped it clumsily in her thick gloves and read it. She wept. John, with an assistant, had tested the note for fingerprints himself, for that was one of his fields as a policeman. The only one he and his colleague could find was a fingerprint of John’s. It must have got there when he had picked it up, his assistant thought. Nothing more was made of it. *** John wasn’t very wealthy; though he had recently sold a lot of stock he had in some big companies. He was a smart man and could often be ... ... middle of paper ... ...pletely baffled. The couple that had stood before them in the pitch-black street had just vanished in an instant. They watched on for a full three minutes, waiting for something else to happen which would confirm their eyes had been playing tricks on them. Down the alley Hugh had started the car. John and Mary arrived a little later, John jumped into the front seat and Mary into the back. They both pulled of the large black sheets they had hid themselves under. Mary hugged Lucy, and John spoke to Hugh. “It’s done, let’s go!” Hugh put his foot down on the pedal and the four sped off straight towards the airport, destined for their new life abroad, with well over a million pounds at their disposal. They smiled, laughed and hugged each other all the way there. The plan had gone off without a hitch.
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