Lucille Ball Character Influence

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Lucille Ball is widely praised for her comedic talent and influencing American comedy. However, she did not start off her career with ease. When she started drama school as a child, she was told she had no talent. (“Lucille Ball - Finding Lucy”) She was not recognized until the 1940s, which was in her thirties. Although it took her a long time to become successful, she kept persevering, and her hard work paid off. She married Puerto Rican, Desi Arnaz, and together they started the show, “I Love Lucy,” one of the most popular comedies in America. She became a powerful women within television, contributing to the increasing power women were beginning to receive. Ball’s hard work to success contributed to increasing power within women and her successful comedies influenced American television and actors for generations to come. She influenced many performers with the techniques her programs introduced, influenced performers with her personal image and great acting, and also became a source of inspiration for women that did not have many rights at the time due to her high amount of success.
Lucille Desiree Ball was born to Henry and Desiree Ball in Jamestown, New York on August 6, 1911 (“Lucille Ball - Finding Lucy”). They then moved to Michigan where Henry died while Desiree was pregnant with Frederick. Her grandfather encouraged her to audition for school plays, and her step-father, Edward, encouraged her to audition for female entertainers for the chorus line when she was fourteen. This introduced her to performing, and it was here where she found a passion for performing. The next year, Lucille attended the Robert Minton, John Murray Anderson School of Drama, where she was told that she would never make it by John Murray...

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...l shows in history. Also, she was bold enough to insist her pregnancy be written into the script; Another daring risk that proved to be widely successful (“Lucille Ball - Finding Lucy”).
A winner of many awards, a daring performer, a mother, and an actress with an original personal image, she was loved by her wide audience. She influenced many other comedians, including Robin Williams with her absurd facial expressions and her comic acting. She pushed her boundaries and limits and got farther than many women in the television industry. After being told she would never make it, being a model, and receiving minor roles for decades, she was able to reach the success she earned. Lucille Ball has not only influenced the television industry for decades, but she also influenced the way performers approach things and influenced women to fight for their rights.
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