Lucid Dreaming

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An individual obtains about seven to eight hours sleeping per night and according to the dream encyclopedia (2009) we spend approximately one-third of our lives in a state of sleep, much of the night filled with dreams" (p.16). Judith Duerk, who is a well-renowned writer, refers to a dream as an alternate course which can change a person's entire life. The Dream Encyclopedia points out that the meaning of a dream would be, "a spiritual world distant from the physical," in no way demeaning their definition, but a dream is a way to motivate a person spiritually in order to physically and mentally prepare oneself to fulfill his or her goals, by an act of visualization and imagination while asleep. A dream brings you are a step closer to whatever it may be that you want or need and though lucid dreaming positions you in a state where all your wishes are reality, you may never pursue your dreams while in an awaken status therefore, resulting in you are waiting for a dream instead of following your dreams. The Dream encyclopedia (2009) refers to a dream as a way of communicating something to the consciousness instead of concealing it. Dreaming has been around for many of years and have been used for instances other than personal fulfillment such as communication to a religious deities. Prophets and ancients, according to the Dream encyclopedia (2009) would communicate what is considered privileged messaging from gods or use dreaming as a form of seeking guidance or healing, (p.16). Sigmund Freud (1900s) an Austrian neurologist who, theorized, "Dreams allow us to satisfy socially unacceptable sexual and aggressive urges to sleep". A dream is subjected to a critical understanding because some of the things we may dream of have deeper mea... ... middle of paper ... ... those particular things they find themselves upset about, may be things they can change or alter in life, while awake. Lucid Dreaming is your conscious mind in a form of reality while asleep but though your dreams come true while you are asleep, true accomplishments are made when a dream becomes reality after contributing hard work and consistency. That’s when you have accomplished something, which can never be changed. Lucid Dreaming and Dreaming are both vacations from the hardships of reality or a way to posses the things you may not have but want. Dreaming pushes you to obtain those things because with lucidity you lose all motivation and the hunger for success. You never have the same dream twice, though there are instances. Once you accomplish a goal while you’re awake, that goal is forever accomplished and that mountain or territory is forever conquered.

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