Lowering the Buying and Drinking Age of Alcohol

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Teens today do things they know could get them into major trouble, such as going to parties, smoking and drinking. So why would people today want to have this problem, well it started when the age for drinking alcohol got raised to 21 years of age. Teens though that since the age was raised to such a high level and they could get married, sign contracts, join the army. That they could also drink, teens started going to parties then the drove home drunk so the law wouldn’t know, that they had been drinking (cons to the drinking age 10). The people thought that if they raised the age of drinking, drinking would go down and less accidents would happen. Well that didn’t go as planned it help in some states. Others the law has not really helped. Some states have made a proposal to lower the drinking age, all are similar , but different one state in particular to lowering the age is Missouri. As G.K. Chesterton said “The free man owns himself.He can damage himself with either eating or drinking;he can ruin himself with gambling. If he does he is certainly a fool and he might possibly be a damned soul;but if he may not, he is not a free man anymore than a dog.” So lowering the drinking age would make people free to damage yourselves. College presidents agree that changing the drinking age would help. John McCardell argued that it would help stop binge drinking at colleges, because they would not want to go to small places and drink. McCardell argued that teens have tried a sip of alcohol when they are anywhere from the ages of 10-15. McCardell argued in his home state with other college’s presidents. Who agree with him that the drinking age should be lowered, so college students would stop binge drinking and maybe drinking on college co... ... middle of paper ... ... teach teens how to handle the things they consume.Lowering the drinking age from 21 would not be a bad thing at all. Teens have been drink forever, the law hasn’t stopped them so what will help them. Teens will continue to drink anyway with the law in place or not. Parents know this or hopefully know this, most adult that have teens want to help them so they are not going to harm someone or themselves. They can’t with the law in place because they could be in big trouble.Parents can have child endangerment charges put on them,and have their kids taken away from them. Knowing this the age should be lowered so this doesn’t happen. Teens could drink at home not driving home, when they are at home they are most comfortable. Then know one has to worry about teen getting drunk and try to drive. So ultimately lowering the age could and would help people in the long run.
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