Lowering The Drinking Age Of 21

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Lower the Drinking age to 19 There is a huge debate whether the drinking age of 21 should be raised or lowered from 21. The problem, I see with under age drinking is that almost anyone can obtain alcohol easily by knowing a 21 year old friend. The legal age in the United States is 18, if you can go to war at 18, vote at 18, smoke cigarettes at 18, and drive a vehicle, why should the drinking age be at 21? At 18 you are basically an adult with responsibilities. At 18 we are making big decisions in life, like deciding which school to attend, whether to join the military, and where to work. People still oppose to the idea of lowering the drinking age. There is an organization called the Amethyst Initiative, which consists of a group of college presidents who are trying to re-consider the drinking age of 21. The argument being made in The Amethyst Initiative is that drunken alcohol students tend to make bad choices, which can end in accidents; so adjusting the drinking age could solve the problem, If we lower the drinking age then people should also be responsible for their own actions especially if they are consuming alcohol. Having the drinking age of 21, is not working. Anyone underage can easily obtain alcohol by a hook up. Underage students tend to also binge drink. “An estimated 90 percent of underage drinking is consumed via binge drinking” (Aguirre). When people drink alcohol when underage, they will do it in a place where it’s not supervised, that will lead to binge drinking, which is a huge problem with students who don’t know how to act responsibly, because they might not have experience or know the effects and dangers of drinking a lot. Demand will always create supply, so if there is demand for alcohol for undera... ... middle of paper ... responsible will help a lot. This class should be mandatory for everyone, because it can reduce the fatalities that happen while being drunk. I also think that a parent should also teach their kid how to be responsible for their acts, drinking is a serious issue that should be taken seriously. No one should even drink without knowing the consequences, specially drinking unsupervised. Drinking while being supervised is way better than binge drinking illegally. Nothing is going to stop college students from drinking, even if they can’t legally buy it. If the limit age of 21 stays the same, then I think that the option to go to war should also be raised to 21. They are responsible enough to make their own decisions. A 19 year old age drinking age limit would work, it will help reduce binge drinking, and help keep alcohol away from high school where it’s a big issue.