Lowering The Drinking Age At 21 Essay

An ongoing debate has been occurring trying to decide if the legal drinking age should remain at 21 or be lowered. Teenagers seem to be consuming alcohol with no regard to the legal age. Drinking underage can lead to many problems but these problems can potentially be resolved by lowering the drinking age. Taking a look at some of the myths verse the realities will help grasp why the drinking age to consume alcohol is legally 21. In today’s society many myths contribute to underage people consuming alcohol. Many of these people do not know the realities of these myths. One myth that has been proven wrong multiple times is that “I can sober up quickly by taking a cold shower or drinking coffee .” It is a proven fact that it takes two to three…show more content…
On medical terms, lowering the drinking age opens up the possibility to interfere with the development of a young adult’s brain and opens up to greater vulnerability to addiction to alcohol. Lowering the drinking age to 18 will allow more people to drink in bars in which will result to more unsafe drivers on the road getting behind the wheel while being intoxicated. Lowering the drinking age also makes underage adults more vulnerable to sexual misconduct and unsafe environments. While the argument at hand is lowering the legal drinking age to under 21 many believe the legal drinking age should stay at 21. Taking a look at the positive attributes that came from establishing the drinking age at 21 will help solidify why people do not want to change the legal drinking age. Keeping the legal drinking age at 21 ensures that fewer motor vehicle accidents will occur each year. It has also proven that students in states that had a drinking age of 18 had a high school dropout rate thirteen times greater than states with a legal drinking age of 21. This allows for more school age children to be on the streets getting into more trouble than staying in school and getting a proper

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