Low Standard Deviation

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Introduction to low standard deviation tutorial: The standard deviation occurs naturally in mathematical statistics through its definition in terms of the second middle moment. Low Standard Deviation is known as the data point which is low when comparing to its mean value. We will learn the low standard deviation with help of tutorial. The tutorial provides step by step solutions of standard deviation problems. This article provides the information about low standard deviation tutorial. Low standard deviation Problem1: Let us we will learning the problems in low standard deviation with help of tutorial. Determine the standard deviation of given numbers. The numbers are 14,36,25,50. Solution: The given numbers are 14,36,25,50. Detrmine the mean for the given values. Mean (M) = 14+36+25+50. = [(125)/(4)] = 31.25. Make the table for locate standard deviation. x x-31.25 (x-31.25)2. 14 -17.25 297.56 36 4.75 22.56 25 -6.25 39.06...
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