Low Self Esteem Essay

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Every parent experiences stressful moments during their daily activities. Whether it may be a screaming baby, a temper tantrum or a stubborn child, the way the parent chooses to react, is significant for the child’s development. Understandably, parents are only human and cannot be perfect all the time. Although no one is expecting perfection, every reaction that parents express is seen by the child, helping them to view the world through their parent’s reactions. Children depend on the adults for survival, the more calm and compassionate the parents are towards their children, the more resilient they become, in being able to handle their emotions. (Firestone, 2011) When parents have a healthy self-esteem and feel good about themselves, they are more likely to give over to their children a positive sense of self. They can engage in activities and boost their child’s confidence while providing their children with the full attention they need. However, when a parent has negative views of themselves these feeling are very likely to extend to their children. A parent’s low self-esteem ca...

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