Love is Not the Reason For Life

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Crack. Such is the sound of a breaking heart. Oh how fragile the heart is, and yet how courageous; ever ready to face its destruction. Tears flow as the heart cries out in agony, as inconceivable pain tortures the soul, as sorrow clouds the mind, and as disappointment weakens the body. Only a few are wise enough to save themselves from the futility of love. But it is not because they are less courageous than others, they are only more practical. If they feel they are not ready, they will not hasten to experience this feeling. They see life as full of love, but not love as the reason for life. Love is an emotion conjured by the mind, is it not? Then a more developed mind is more capable of loving than that of a primitive one. Therefore, it is right to assume that members of the world's earliest civilizations knew little or nothing of love, for they knew little of anything. Cavemen did not have a clear grasp of the meaning of love, as do we all. For how can you love, when you have neither compassion nor mercy, or even selflessness? They lived in a world where survival was the key, and romance did not have a place then. But what's to take not of, is that they survived millenniums without this concept present in their lives. They were able to thrive and conceive civilizations without romantic love. In the same way, arranged marriages were thought practical then, for it served the purpose of procreation more than anything. Albeit arranged marriages are a taboo subject today, the bottom line is that men survived without romantic love, and sure enough it is merely a concept that has been romanticized through out the years; just like hate, anger, remorse, and agony. Just as well, people of today can survive without experiencing roma... ... middle of paper ... ...omparison to love, and this is the greatest mistake of them all. One should note, that people who are able to decide what is right and what is wrong while under the influence of love, are people who really know what love is. They should be the only ones allowed such pleasures, for we know that they are able to handle it responsibly. The ability to take into consideration the future of their relationship, the consequences of their actions, the unfortunate events that may come their way, makes them good candidates for TRUE LOVE. Because love isn't all chocolate covered mallows, or caramel dipped apples; love can sting like bees as well. Love is optional, it is an option given to those mature enough, and to those who are deemed ready. But for those who are not, never fear, for you will survive without such love. You were born with out it; you can live with out it.

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