Love in a Fallen City

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“Love in a Fallen City” written in 1943 by Chinese writer Eileen Chang(1920-1995). Eileen Chang is one of the most writers of twentieth- century in China. She was born into an aristocratic family in Shanghai. Chang’s grandfather is Hang peilun who is son in law to Li hongzhang, an influential official in Qing dynasty. Her grandmother Li juyu is the oldest daughter of Li hongzhang. Chang studied literature at the university of Hong Kong. However, in 1941 Japanese attacked on Shanghai, and she had to returned to occupied Shanghai. At that time, she was able to publish some stories and essays which made her to be a literary star. But, due to some reason that The rise of Communist influence made a difficult for her to stay in Shanghai, and she moved to Hong Kong in 1952, then she emigrated to United States 3 years later. In 1944, she fell in love with an author Hu lancheng, but Hu just love with another women. Chang cannot stand her love for him trampled by Hu. So, she understood that everything was gone, never come aback again. In 1973, She moved to Los Angeles. Then she was found dead in her Los Angeles apartment in September 1995. Eileen Chang enjoys a passionate following both on Taiwan and mainland, and in her twenties, some extraordinary stories combine an unsettled, contemporary sensibility, alert to sexual politics and ambiguity. She always writes some classics of Chinese literature. Most of her stories are popular for young people because some of are poetic forms which can use for young people to praise love. Her most stories are also used in love films to encourage people to seek their love. “Love in a Fallen City” describes Bai liuseu who comes from Shanghai and experienced a failed marriage. Suffered a lot from relative’... ... middle of paper ... ... the defeat of Hong Kong given a victory to Bai liusu, and actually Bai liusu still keep her pure love more like a trade. Compared to other novels, “Love in a Fallen City” has a “happier ending” than others. But, pure love seems never appear in Eilleen's story because of her real life experience. So, Eilleen uses this story to write about her whole life, and she is a sensitive lady chasing her love with whole life. The “love” between Bai liusu and Fan liuyuan is they really need each other to rely on which is a tragic that true love is fallen just as Hong Kong. Even though Fan begins to treat Bai as family, but Bai still feel sad about that. Because couple should love each other not only because they should live together, but also because they appreciate each other from their heart. However, the love between Bai and Fan just began with a trade rather than attraction.
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