Love and Friendship

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Love is one of the most difficult concepts to understand, as well as one of the most powerful forces. Many great men and women have endeavored to describe and comprehend love, but did they succeed? Even in stories with no romance love lurks, as previewed in the six books that are, the Aeneid, Beric the Briton, Children’s Homer, A Single Shard, the Two Towers, and the Bible. Most books, including these, highly value love, and the Bible in particular, states that love must be given and received by God’s children. Additionally, almost all of those pieces of literature succeed in their depiction of love. Unsurprisingly, friendship and love are themes that appear often in Beric the Briton, and friendship is especially emphasized in this intriguing tale. Friendship is viewed as a long-lasting, crucial relationship, one that can be superior and is often just as valuable and wonderful as family connections. “However, his loyalty to Beric prevented him from breathing a word in the tribe as to his fears.” [8] Boduoc, a faithful, hot-headed Briton, ignores his duty to his tribe, because, as apprehensive as he is of Beric’s loyalties, he is a faithful friend. Such a treacherous act could have easily proved fatal to him, but Boduoc displayed his altruistic love for his friend nonetheless. Invoking a different sort of love is Beric’s mother. She is a perfect example of selfless family love. Parta wanted nothing for herself. Her singular desire was to make her son great, the mighty liberator of the Britons. “What mattered the life of a woman in comparison to yours when you know my hopes and plans for you?”[27] Parta admonished Beric. She remained under Rome’s yoke when Parta could have easily escaped to freedom, ... ... middle of paper ... ...cks closer than a brother.” In Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10, it is said that, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work. If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who fall and has no one to help him up.” All those verses show that, love is perfect, love must be given freely, love in friendship may give you family, and a friend is needed by every person. As stated in the introduction, these books do an astonishing job of expressing love, and its different forms. Each book reveals its opinion on the subject of love. With each book describing a different relationship, it is the writer’s express wish that anyone who has read the paper will have a least a basic understanding of love. The mysterious force that is alluring and enthralling, unexpected and unavoidable, welcoming and deterring, mighty and terrifying.
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