Love Vs. Friendship

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Trying to discuss the difference between romantic love verses friendship is rather difficult to understand. There is so much gray area between the two that most people have a hard time comprehending the differences. How can we tell when a friendship has moved away from just friendly love to a deeper romantic love? Looking into the topic we see a lot of the time men saying that they're best friends with this girl that they have fallen head over heels for. They call it being 'friend zoned', but on the other hand you can see the same problem concurring with women who find it impossible to tell a close male friend that her feelings for her go far beyond just being friends. In a relationship what should come first? Friendship? Or should the couple dive right into romantic love? Between the ages of fifteen and eighteen is one of the hardest time to understand where we stand with female and male friends on the subject of love. We're stuck in this awkward stage of being cooking pots of hormones where people we thought as gross or just friends suddenly become very attractive to us. The line for some is as firm as an iron rod, for others it blurs into this mucky area of gray.“That's one of the first things that comes out of young people's mouths when they're in love. FOREVER. And that's cool, it's all good-until you get old enough to realize what forever is.” - Ice-T. I have a friend, his name is Tevin and he's currently dating a friend of mine named Morgan. One of the reasons that their relationship works for them is that they were friends before hand so there isn't this awkward part of the relationship when they're trying to get used to each others pet peeves, likes and dislikes. I believe that when we're young we have a much harder time... ... middle of paper ... ...I got older, and I understood more, having a friend like that, it helped so much having some one there that helped me through everything. He was there whenever I needed him, to help hold me up when I was going to fall. At times he was the only constant in my life that kept me from going crazy, when the whole world under your feet is rolling it feels so much safer knowing that you have someone there to keep you from drowning. I could have never imagined that a friend would change me so much. I hope that this essay has properly portrayed my opinion on Romantic Love Vs. Friendship, I hope that now there is less gray area between the two. Friendship and love, those two things go hand and hand, I don't believe that you can have love without there being friendship. Along with that though, you can't have friendship without there being love, even if it isn't romantic love.
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