Love Reflection Paper

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Love is a magical feeling that boils inside our bodies and portrays care and devotion for special people in our lives. It often takes a great deal of want, nourishment, and dedication to keep love strong and intact. Sometimes, people don’t have enough want or dedication to keep love intact. Without proper care or desire, love can fade away, break, or even turn to hate in the worst of cases. It takes two people to have a healthy loving relationship and my parents’ marriage is a prime example of lack of dedication that sent their love into the downward spiral of hate, resentment, and divorce. From listening to years of my parents’ constant bickering and fighting to tear each other down, their unhealthy divorce has caused me to lack a sense of…show more content…
People who get to know me, quickly learn that I almost never say no. Being a senior in high school, peer pressure has become one of my biggest enemies. With my desire to be accepted by others, I have often found myself making poor choices that I know deep down I would never chose to do. Seeing the approval and joy of others has overpowered my natural instincts. Yes, people do like and enjoy my presence more because of my outgoing choices, but I am always left feeling ashamed and disappointed in myself. I am unable to find the strength inside to make my own choices in fear of disappointing the others I care about. I often avoid other forms of disappointment by doing everything as perfectly as possible. A strive for perfection will prevent disappointment in my eyes. When something goes wrong I often feel like I could have prevented it by doing something differently, more efficiently. As an employee at Smoothie King, I have gained a large amount of trust and acceptance through my bosses. I am the only employee they have ever had who has received a promotion in under two months of employment. This is a great accomplishment, but at the same time they know they can always count on me to pick up shifts and work longer because I never want to disappoint them. Most see that as a great thing, but to me it is horrifying because I am unable to explain to them for my need of rest. I am often left…show more content…
My constant need to show others I belong has influenced my need to accept those around me as well. Everyone deserves a fair chance in life and should not be judged by those who don’t know them. My greatest rewards from choosing to believe in the good are my two best friends and first loves, Quinton and Kelsey. These two people were known for bad rumors that defined them, but by great luck we were all paired together for a group project a few years back and our great friendship began. I know what it feels like to be a disappointment and unwanted, and I would never wish to make another person feel that way. I saw the hurt in both of their eyes that made me feel connection to them. I loved the humor and determination that sprang from Kelsey’s soul and the tenderness and love that filled Quinton’s heart. They both had qualities that I have always longed for and in a way, I felt that they brought out those qualities in me. I never felt like I was good enough for them, maintaining a new friend ship and relationship with two people was very overwhelming and I felt like I was never doing anything right. They are both very opinionated and I was the complete opposite. For the first time, I felt like an outsider for trying to fit in with them. Because spending so much time together, they began to see my true personality and saw that I
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