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Do you consider yourself a reader now? If not, have you ever considered yourself a reader? Ten years ago if anyone had asked me this question, I would 've answered ‘without a doubt” in a heartbeat. My teachers had to pry books out of my hand because I couldn 't put it down until I finished. I received quite a few demerits that way. Today, however, I would be more hesitant to consider myself a reader. Within the past few years, I’ve read my fair share of books yet most have been for classes or work not simply for the pleasure of reading as I used to. Reading used to be my escape from reality, a way to destress and relax. With all the added stress of school work, and graduation this past year. I 've ben under more stress than I am used to in…show more content…
Even after I learned to read for myself, every night she would sit in bed with me and read a few chapters of whatever book we were working on that week. I loved reading and despite the fact that my parents would read aloud to me as a child. They continually exclaimed that they didn 't know where I got my love of reading from since neither was much of an avid reader. Growing older, I realized that my love of reading came from my grandfather. In particular, my grandpa played a large role in influencing some of my worst reading habits. He read while he ate, while we were out, even while he was walking, all habits I picked up and enact to this…show more content…
One thing in particular I remember is audio sets of books that would read aloud to me as I followed along in the book, and I hated it. I remember getting frustrated when I couldn 't follow along as quickly as the voice read, and it couldn 't stop if I had questions like my mom did. My favorite part was reading flashcards with my mom because if I got all the words correct then usually I received some reward after which I always strived. So while I only remember bits and pieces of learning to read, overall I think that it was a positive
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