Love, Love And Love

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Throughout my life, it’s always been hard for me to understand when I get love. I always want everything to be equal because in certain areas I don’t feel equal. Love is something I’ve felt that I could feel that balance on, but without it, I'm hurt beyond belief. When Friendship is not reciprocated it creates a burden of emotional stress.
I get a strong sense of protection when a friendship is returned. I receive warmth when I have someone else tell me they love me. I get an aching sensation in my heart when I pour in love only to not receive it. When I don’t get a friendship returned I feel a turning in my stomach, I need to feel special in a way to prevent this aching. Friendship fills a void in my soul. The reason I need friends to give me a sense of protection is my parents never gave me this feeling. I not in the least got
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I have someone who I can tell personal stuff to. When I don’t have that trust between me and a friend I get insecure. The loss of a friend is more painful than anything I’ve experienced. I need to feel like my friends are reciprocating my feeling because I’m in a fear that I’ll lose them.
Along with emotional stress, I get a physical strain. As I’ve stated I get stomach turns when I get anxious. I also experience panic attacks. The hard it affects me mentally the more it affects me physically.
In the Iliad, there are many displays of this. One is when Achilles loses Patroclus. After he loses him, he realizes that he can’t go home. To me, this is similar because since he did not reciprocate his love to Patroclus. he caused emotional stress on himself by doing this. He goes through pain realizing that he can no longer face his family at home.
Another person that receives stress due to lack of love being reciprocated was Thetis. She loved her son so much she was willing to do anything. Each time she came up you could tell that she was having pain. Time and time again Achilles would ask and she would
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