Love Is A Fallacy Analysis

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Society throughout any era has always established the accepted norm for the public whether it was trends, traditions, or stereotypes. As a result, there is a controversy that these culture aspects have contributed to inequality and absurd idealistic roles among all individuals. Over time, people have developed unrealistic assumptions on anybody they encounter, which should be irrelevant and not imposed on anyone. One particular social group that have encounter these situations countless times are women. Society has cultural conditioned women to be individuals who are weak, dumb, and inefficient in anything except as a housewife. Which has given men the deciding factor of what women’s part is essential; however, since there are different preferences…show more content…
Additionally, it illustrates the era of the past where women held a minor role in society, no matter if they were furthering up their education or career. It is demonstrated when the protagonist states, “Intelligent she was not. In fact, she veered in the opposite direction. But I believed that under my guidance she would smarten up” (Shulman 384). He casts her as a dumb girl; he didn’t even think about how he and Polly were equally at the same level of education because they both were accepted to the same college. If she was not intelligent as he claims he would have never meet or seen her. The protagonist labeled her as unintelligent based on what he defined smart was, when in fact anyone can be brilliant in many different ways. As a result, this work tries to deem women incapable of being equivalent to men. When the protagonist states, “I fought off a wave of despair. I was getting nowhere with this girl, absolutely nowhere” (Shulman 387). This shows how men held a weak sense towards women because they automatically depicted women as dumb human beings incapable of anything. At the same time, it supposable tries to sympathize with men because they had to endure a woman’s inabilities which is evidential throughout the whole…show more content…
Due to the fact, they were deemed as fragile, dense, and incompetent. These attitudes toward women have always been the norm of society and no one ever thought it was wrong. Today, people would have been appalled by how a woman was never acknowledged or how men lower their standards in order to see them eye to eye. Not only did women have to uphold to men’s biased expectations, but were deemed as simple-minded people incapable of anything and that only had to look

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