Love In Love Essay

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Just as people exemplify love for their family, they also show love towards their friends and partner. The only difference is most people 's actions show the different meaning of the word love. For example, when people acquire best friends or friends that they are really close with, they let certain guards down in order to become close with them. This group of people usually does things together to show how much they love each other, such as getting gifts for another for birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays. Not only do they physically give each other things, but they also figuratively give each other things, such as time. When a friend is down, they may go to them and ask, “What’s wrong?” That shows the love they have for one another.…show more content…
No matter how young a person starts engaging in a relationship, as time continues, people grow up and change, realizing that the relationship they had with someone a year ago may not be the same type of relationship they want in the present day. Someone’s high school relationship is not the same relationship they want in college, because in college, people want to start settling down and getting more serious, hoping to find the love of their life. Being in love with someone that you share a relationship is something that is indescribable. For example, being in love means that no matter what the other person does to you or themselves, you will still be right there in their corner. It is something that you cannot find everyday. It is a magical, fiery sensation that one gets when you see or think about that special person. Although being in love can make a person the happiest they have been throughout their whole lives, that fiery sensation can also be blown out. For example, when two people get married they take vowels saying how much they would never hurt the other person and how they would do whatever they can to make each other happy. All of this is said and after they are married, they now share a life together. Well, their lives may be as happy as a child in a candy store, but then all of a sudden one person starts to cheat. Now, in most cases the other person decides for themselves the best step to take in order to live in happiness. That may include in getting a divorce. If this is the case, then that means that the other person’s fire they had for the other has been burned out. The love that they once shared for one another died down because all humans have the capability to love more than one thing, meaning that when something comes along to spark one’s interest, they may chase after it, causing them to lose everything that really meant something to them. Just as friends, the love someone
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