Love In Antigone Essay

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Each person has different definitions and shapes of love. I think that love has both positive and negative effects on our lives. For example, I love my family and friends, and they always encourage me in many ways when I am struggling with something; thus, I can overcome the hardship and try my best I can. In addition, I think I could help my lovers when they need help. I am happy about having many lovers and encouraging each other. Everyone loves someone such as family, friends, and boyfriend and girlfriend, and it can encourage their lives; however, love might mess up their lives in some ways. Antigone broke taboo by burying her brother; Willy endured suffering to the bitter end, and people who have a friend who committed suicide have to…show more content…
Polynices and Eteocles were brothers of Antigone, and for Antigone, they were very precious family members. However, they killed each other, and Creon who was a king of Thebes at this time forbade to bury only Polynices. Antigone could not stand that only Polynices was forbidden to be buried because she loved him as a brother. Antigone chose to bury him even though she might be caught and killed. If I were in the same situation as Antigone, I would not choose the same choice which is burying a brother and be killed. I think that most people usually want to protect themselves instead of making dead person comfortable. However, Antigone was very brave and considerate of her brother; hence, she chose burying her brother. In the play Antigone, she claimed that she does not care what other people think about her and what she only cares about is how her dead brothers think or feel. This was so impressive for me because I cannot think the same way like Antigone does. Antigone was mentally strong and affection for her family. Despite choosing to break the taboo by burying her brother led her death, I think she did not regret that she chose dying such a way because she really loved her family and satisfied with making them comfortable even they are dead. If she did not love her family, she might not choose to break the taboo. Moreover, even if loves one is dead and treated badly, as long as she is alive,…show more content…
I have never faced the situation that my friends committed suicide. However, one of my friends have experience of losing friend by suicide. I used to hang out with this friend, and she laughed a lot and was very bright person. When I met her after her friend’s suicide, she was totally different from whom I used to hang out. She regretted that she could not realize her friend’s worries and could not save her friend’s life. Because she loved her friend, she became so depressed and grievous. If one of my friends commit suicide, I would blame myself a lot and become so depressed, but I would also blame my friend because the person who commit suicide does not think about how family and friends think about it. It is a very sad thing that lovers commit suicide, and it could cause family or friends into serious emotional and mental problem. Of course, it is nobody’s fault that lovers commit suicide, yet I think most people blame themselves like my friend did by regret that they could not save the lovers’ life. I felt so pity for my friend that she was so depressed about friend’ suicide. I think nothing could be worse than losing lovers by
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