Love In A Midsummer Night's Dream And Macbeth

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When comparing A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Macbeth; there are a few similarities that can be discussed such as: love’s difficulties, magic and the significance of events that occur during day and night. On the other hand, there is one difference that can also be discussed like one was written as a comedy and the other was written as a tragedy. Comedy does typically begin chaotic and ends in order, while tragedies are written beginning with order and ends in chaos. This is evident in Macbeth when the main character Macbeth starts off in the play as a loyal individual but towards the end, begins to become an unstable murderer.
In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the main conflict is between love and social relations. The play revolves around the magical power of love which transforms many lives. As a result of this, it gets the reader’s emotionally involved through ways of reminding us of love’s foolishness and capabilities, as well as violence often followed alongside of lust. This play shows passion’s conflict with reason. For example, the father presented in the play Egeus, represents tradition and reason while Hermia represents passion for love and freedom. Egeus wants Hermia to marry Demetrius and accuses Lysander of “bewitching” Hermia with love charms and songs. This is one way love’s difficulties are presented in the play between father and daughter. Additionally, Helena recognizes love’s difficulties when Demetrius falls in love with her best friend Hermia. Helena argues that strong emotions such as love can make extremely unpleasant things beautiful. This is another way the play presents love’s difficulties between lovers and capricious emotions.
Magic is introduced to the play through the fairies which are ruled by Titania an...

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...s recognizable. Macbeth becomes delusional throughout the play, resulting in him becoming a darker character and not knowing when to stop letting his ambitious ways interfere with rational choices. Light begins to appear in the play when characters begin to see how Macbeth is losing his mind and becomes concerned with having him as King of Scotland. These are a few key points that we can use to highlight events which occur during day and night and how they relate to the comparison of each play.
In closing, there are many similarities between A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Macbeth. Through these similarities, individuals can compare how Shakespeare uses love’s difficulties, magic and events that occur during day and night to help with the play’s plot. This allows individuals who wish to go deeper into Shakespeare’s work and format for play’s, the opportunity to do so.
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