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Title: This Line on Your Palm Means You're Like This in Love
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Teaser: How satisfied are you with your love life?
I have a confession: For over 20 years now, I’ve dabbled in palmistry. The lines of the hand have always fascinated me because of their ability to foretell a person’s life path, including his or her career, health and even love life. One of the more interesting lines on the palm is the heart line (or love line) because this line can provide insight into how a person gives and receives love, what relationships they’re in and how those relationships are affecting their life. So, go ahead, flip your palms over, and let’s take a closer look at
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You are also consumed with the need to be loved.
• However, if your heart line ends between the index finger and middle finger, then that could mean you that you are quick to fall in love.
Now let’s look even further into the length of the heart line to reveal more emotional insights.
Are you a romantic at heart or ruthless when it comes to love?
Short line - If you have a short or absent heart line then your love life may not exactly be smooth. Perhaps you are a little self-centered. Some may even call you ruthless at times, which could be the reason why you are also lonely at times.
Long line – On the other hand, if you have a long heart line you’re a warm and giving person. Just be careful you’re not too naïve, and believe that love is like a fairytale.
Very long – If you’re a woman and you have a very long heart line that extends from both sides of the palm, it reveals that you are a faithful lover. If you’re a man it indicates that you’re a romantic at heart but also henpecked. However, on the more extreme side, a very long line could indicate you choose relationships that are one-sided, emotionally destructive and even abusive.
Are you sincere and devoted or prefer to play the
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