Love Essay: What Does Love Makes You Crazy?

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“Love is merely a madness and deserves a dark house and a whip as a madman do.” This quote is from Shakespeare’s play As You Like It. As You Like It was one of Shakespeare’s more comical plays and follows a strong young woman, Rosalind, with big ideas as she escapes her uncle and eventually finds love (Wikipedia). The idea behind this quote is that being in love is like being insane and so people in love belong in an insane asylum along with crazy people. This negative view of love is both disheartening and upsetting, but it does reveal some possible truth. Terms like love sick, lovelorn, crossed in love, infatuated, obsessed, spellbound and stuck on are all commonly used to describe someones feelings when they are in love. So does love truly make you crazy? Is it a disease?
In psychology, love is a subject quite often interpreted and researched as there are many many different types of loves that psychologists art trying to understand. Some psychologists believe love is a vital part of a human’s life cycle, while others find love to be a nuisance and quite fatal. With so many convincing opinions coming from various intelligent and famous psychologists, it is hard to distinguish which idea fits best and if love truly causes more harm than happiness or vice versa.
Elaine Hatfield and Ellen Berscheid were early researchers on the topic of love and believed there were two types of love, companionate and passionate love. Passionate love can be both positive and negative and includes intense and sexual emotions. Companionate love is softer, trusting love. (Weiten) Passionate love can be negative because the intense emotions can more easily lead to heart break and aggressive arguments. In more extreme cases, heart break and sorrow ca...

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...rlier, are also stimulants that are released when a person smoke or drinks, yet another reason these stimulants may be seen as addicting. Treatment for love addiction is even coming into practice whether it is talk therapy or biotechnology. Overall, there has been enough discussion and theories that love is an addiction to say that it is quite possible love is an illness and can cause someone a lot of pain.
In conclusion, the question is not whether or not love exists, the question now is: is love safe and worthy of our effort? Whether it is selfless or selfish or purely a chemical reaction, is this feeling something so vital that it is worth risking our sanity? Psychologists have been researching different types of loves and their affects on people, but it is ultimately the people’s choice to accept love, even if it means hard work and risking their well being.
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