Love And Love In William Blake's Marriage Of Heaven And Hell

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William Blake’s early interest and aptitude for drawing had set a blueprint for his next life in writing inspiring poems. He believed that his writings were of national importance and that they could be understood by a majority of men. His time of being raised in a household of seven children with only five surpassing infancy, most likely gave way to his powerful writings. Most of all his work features some type of wearisome protagonist, who is attempting to revolt against some greater being; it could be politically religious or the theme of love and marriage. It is unclear exactly were Blake stood in terms of his beliefs in God; however, William Blake made many references to God and a supernatural being within his works of writing poems. One of his familiar works, “Marriage of Heaven and Hell,” dealt with the theme of opposition is true friendship. The title itself gives away the sense that marriage definitely has its downsides instead of right away believing that the bride and the broom are in an everlasting love by saying the words, “I do.” This particular poem also has the sense of feeling that Blake’s intentions on writing this poem was because he felt that he was protecting God’s creations by acknowledging the Bible’s lies. His emphasis in this poem is to insure the readers to be themselves, “The eagle never lost so much time as when he submitted to learn of the crow (Blake).” To add on, Blake acknowledges to us the reader about denial and emphasizes that our sanity comes from God. Basically William Blake is pretty much using insightful ironic theory to his work of writing “Marriage of Heaven and Hell.” Through his particular writing works such as, “The Voice of The Devil”, Blake establishes God’s creations to his viewer... ... middle of paper ... ...nt. The critics usually in this specific approach insist on the notion that if the author is trying too hard to get his or her message across to the reader. That it could actually decrease the writer’s actual point of emphasis. The author would generally get of topic because their mind is now trying to prove other points to the reader that really do not have anything to do with their initial idea. There seems to be a cycle type of theme to William Blake’s works, he argues that objects have an equal amount of form. This theory of the cycle would be considered most effective when changes in time would occur such as the evolution of societies in which as the normal rotation of the earth, the change in weather or seasons and the change of the human population. His belief that nature always works in a cyclic form is the main generalization for this particular theory.
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