Love And Love In Life After God By Douglas Coupland

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The book Life After God by Douglas Coupland, is a collection of short stories about a first generation raised without God. The author takes us through several experiences of life: dealing with depression, loneness, broken relationships, and desperations. The characters in the book reflect an inability to truly love and have fulfilling relationships because of a lack of spiritual connection with God. One example of this lack of spiritual connection is in the chapter titled, My Hotel Year. Scout is the narrator who talks about the life experiences of two people he meets. After a divorce from his wife, Scout is forced to live in a rundown hotel where he befriends Cathy and Donny. These characters seem to be broken and empty inside. Donny was a lonely man full of sin, and he was a prostitute. Donny expressed excitement when he spoke of stabbings. When asked about his stabbings he said, “This is my life and this is how I live it” (60). Donny would brag on how he wanted to experience the feeling of being shot, since he had become rather bored with the pain of being stabbed. Eventually h...

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