Love And Friendship In Jane Austen's Love And Friendship

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Love is a train that everyone wants on, but nobody knows the trains schedule. In Jane Austen 's Love and Friendship, the speaker Laura is send letters to her friend 's granddaughter about her experiences in life. In Lord Byron 's Don Juan, a young Don Juan finds himself in various situations that all started because of a single woman. Both stories focus on the interactions between the main character and others, but the stories focus on different relationship types. Love and Friendship has an average number of interactions and focuses on all relationship types while Don Juan has few interactions and focuses on mostly on romantic relationships. Of these stories, the better relationships com from Love and Friendship. Love and Friendship…show more content…
She tells how she met her friend Isabel. She eventually comes across a man named Edward. Her and Edward instantly fell in love with each other, so they got married. They travel to Edward’s aunt ‘s home. There Laura meets Edwards aunt and his sister. Laura and Edward’s aunt get along very well, but Edward’s sister does not agree with the marriage because Edward was meant to marry someone else. Edward’s father arrives and is told about Edward’s marriage but he disagreed with it. Lady Dorothea, Edward’s ex to be wife, arrives at Edward’s aunt’s home. Laura did not really care for Lady Dorothea’s demeanor. After Lady Dorothea left Edward and Laura go to Edward’s friend’s home. Laura meets Sophia, Edward’s friend’s wife, and takes a liking to her. Near the end of the day Edward received a letter from his aunt stating that Edward’s father was displeased about Edwards abrupt leaving and ask for his return. Edward’s friend gets arrested and everyone decides to go and visit him. Laura’s pass away while she was not around. Sophia and Laura run into their grandfather and two cousins. Sophia and Laura meet a girl named Janetta they all quickly become friends. Sophia and Laura convince Janetta to get married to the person she cares about. Sophia and Laura eventually run into their husbands near their overturned carriage. The women’s husbands pass away. Laura and Sophia are taken in by a woman named Bridget. Sophia passes away. Laura gets into a carriage that has her family in it. In Don Juan, Don Juan’s father dies. His mother takes over his studies. Juan becomes fond of his mother’s friend, but does not understand his feelings. Don Juan and his mother’s friend become very close over time. Don Juan has a sexual relationship with his neighbor. His mother’s friend’s husband finds out and brings a small force. When the husband returns he finds Juan. Don Juan’s mother decides to send
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