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After reading the text Insearch by James Hillman, it is typical to draw connections to Carl Jung and his concept of archetypal psychology. This idea attempts to recognize multitude of fantasies and myths that shape our psychological lives. Though Jung focused on self and its parts: ego, anima, animus, shadow. On the other hand, Hillman’s archetype the ego is not the main focus rather it is the psyche (soul). Soul development seems to be the important main goal as per Hillman, as well as finding balance.
As per Jung these mysterious things called archetypes (models/prototypes) cannot be approached intellectually. It is not something to be explained or understood, rather to be experienced in order to truly grasp its meaning. Therefore archetypes experienced instead of understood “bubble” up to our consciousness and provides numinous (mystical) roles in our psychological lives. Unlike Freud who presents a conflict model of the ego and psyche: split causing conflict internally and thus presented in the unconscious via defense mechanisms, Jung contrast in respect to Freud. For Jung balance and harmony is key for the individuals to build within themselves in order to resolve conflict.
Comparing to Jung, Hillman provides a similar approach. His ego vs. the psyche examples in the text suggests that there is a “natural split,” which is found even in animals. For example an animal keeping distance from others as means of protection. Hillman’s archetype approach explains this split and instead of drawing more attention to the distancing of the ego (self) and psyche (soul), he heeds that this natural splitting only makes matter worse. Instead there needs to be unification, but before doing so, an individual must be able to build or have ...

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... functions as religion. It is without doubt that Hillman draws on humanistic principles such as love and compassion. Although, it his concept of unifying or seeking balance between the ego and psyche as a resolution. In other words, Hillman suggests that a level absoluteness occurs when one reaches balance—unified with nature (self & soul) in relation to God (mystical), who is all loving. Therefore, in my opinion God is equated to or symbolizes love, since it is said that man is created in the image of God. I believe this essence of love internalized in our soul should radiate from our powerful core and must be reflected to the external world as well as forming human connections. Overall, love allows a mystical bond even with this omnipresent God. Conclusively, this strong development of the core fills the inner allowing one to function in the external.
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