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Love is complicated yet simple, love is something we have a all felt. Most

people have the belief that love comes from the heart when really and truly it

comes from the brain which is where everything we know comes from. From love

to hate it all comes from the brain; mind over matter. Although we have

epitomized the heart to be the symbol of love, it is the brain which emits all the

chemicals that makes us feel and understand love. We all know the love between a

parent and their child however there are many types of love relationships we may

experience. You can love yourself or you can love someone else. the love you

have for someone may change and evolve into a different form of love. There are

different love relationships you have with different people.

The basic kind of love relationship is between a parent and their child. A

mother or father can express love to their kids by simply saying "I love you". They

can also express it through actions love can be shown through a daily thing like

reading bed time stories, watching a show together, having dinner together

everyday or attending all the activities they are involved. Through all these things

they show love. Another kind of love relationship is between siblings. They trust

each other and form a special bond over the years. The love between two friends is

lending a helping hand without selfish motives. A friendship bond has no

boundaries and it ill eventually become a relationship of share and trust. lastly,

what is called a pet love; This love is shared by man with his pet animal. A person

takes care of his pet and in return he gets faithful love from the animal. The animal

is a friend who helps overcome grief and loneliness the pe...

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... feelings

from loving your mother or saying you loved your meal. Its not the same love one

is affection and the other is pleasure. Hopefully this enlightened you as to what

types of love there is; call it being a "player" or call it a "crazy girlfriend" there

are different ways of experiencing love. I've not even scratched the surface as to

how deep each and everyone of these can go. Love is a complicated emotion that

is very difficult to comprehend. Love is felt, seen, heard, smelled, and tasted.

Tasted when kissed, smelled when close to what you love, heard in the voice of

your loved one, seen in the eyes of your soul mate, and felt when grasping the

hand of your one true love and just about any other times you feel butterflies in

your stomach. We all experience and see it in different things in our lives. Not all

of us will look at the same.
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