Louis de Bernières' Novel Captain Corelli's Mandolin

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Louis de Bernières' Novel Captain Corelli's Mandolin Already from the first chapter the author introduces us to one of the most important characters of the book, Dr. Iannis. There are several factors that help the writer to present him to the readers. The most important ones are language (including the narrative style) and classical allusions. The diction in this chapter is very difficult and contains a lot of medical terminology. This shows us that Dr. Iannis is a very educated man and that probably most of the people on the island respect him due to this superiority. From the phrases that he uses we find out that he likes to impress people, especially if they are his patients. For example in the first chapter instead of telling his patient that the cause of his earache is a pea, he describes it as “an exorbitant auditory impediment”-this helps the doctor to create some mystery around his work and knowledge and therefore makes him a more interesting person in the eyes of Stamatis and his wife. Dr. Iannis is “conscious of the necessity for maintaining a certain mystique, and fully aware that “a pea in the ear” was unlikely to get him any kudos”, from such thoughts we realize that the doctor knows very well the mentality of humans and therefore knows what they expect him to say. The other factor that plays an important role in introducing this character is the narrative style. The language that Dr. Iannis uses is very formal and detached. He is not trying to get closer to his patients, because he realizes that there is a difference between them, especially due to the education level. At the same time the style of language that Stamatis and his wife use is very different from the doctor’s. For exam... ... middle of paper ... ...or less cold and detached, however when he comes back home we are also shown a different side of him. He is shown as a loving father, who, even if he is not happy with the actions of his daughter, still cannot be irritated by her for too long. “…the goat is fond of you.”- Dr. Iannis turned away, disarmed and defeated.” – he loves his daughter, and he knows that she is fond of him as well. As we can see the author uses a lot of different factors, which allow him to present the character to us the best way possible. He shines the light on every side of Dr. Iannis, helping us to make up our mind about his personality. By the end we are aware that he is not only specialized in medicine, but also in writing and in history of his island. His activities and his personality attract the readers as they learn more about his character, which makes them fond of him.
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