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Has one ever wondered how Louis Vuitton became about? Well this is how, he was born in Jura, France on August 4, 1821 in a small village in eastern France's mountainous and heavily wooded area. Louis Vuitton soon became one of the biggest designers due to his fabulous work. Although, he had no educational or degrees in design his work is still very famous and popular today even. Louis Vuitton was part of a hardworking family who were carpenters and farmers. His father, Xavier Vuitton happens to be a farmer, and his mother Coronne Gaillard was a milliner. Coronne Gaillard, Louis Vuitton’s mother passed away when he was only 10 years old. It was not long after his mother death that his father soon remarried a strict, mean, and devil like person. Louis Vuitton did not like his new stepmother at all. Louis Vuitton being a stubborn child he decided to pack up his things and leave his family because of his evil stepmother. He adventured out on foot which was 400 km to get away from his hometown and were his new beginning of his life begins. Louis Vuitton got started as soon as he left his hometown not knowing that he would exactly become a famous designer. It was during this journey that he picked up different types of jobs to help pay for his journey. He started working for royalties as a box-maker to Empress Eugene de Montijo. Working as a box-maker gave him the opportunity to be exposed to high class leather case luggage and this inspired him to create his own line of luggage and travel bags in the 1850’s it was then that experience that inspired Vuitton to start his now big empire of LV Company. Monsieur Vuitton started with lightweight canvas as the main material of the luggage. Travelers loved the luggage because of its major... ... middle of paper ... ... anything throughout his life, he worked so hard from the start of a young age by starting when he ran away from home and by soon starting his new life chapter for himself as the designer he turned out to be. Today the Louis Vuitton emblem (LV) that we see has advanced, but the style and glamour of Louis Vuitton has remained at the top in the industry. Many celebrities carry and own Louis Vuitton’s too. One can also buy Louis Vuitton products for their children and pets. Lastly, Louis Vuitton has been around for a very long time in history with their beautiful purses and accessories making not every woman in the world wanting to own one in their life time now, but also every man wanting to own a Louis Vuitton of some sort also. All of this success will allow all of Louis Vuitton’s work to be around and even more successful for many more years to come in the future.

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