Louis Armstrong Impact On Jazz Music

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Louis Armstrong was a revered multitalented jazz musician and a charismatic performer who had an illustrious career as a jazz musician for more than fifty years. Widely regarded as the greatest jazz musician of his time, Armstrong rose from an obscure and insignificant background to become one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century. Armstrong was many things; he was a renowned trumpeter, vocal gifted singer and soloist, and a bandleader. Armstrong’s unique approach to jazz music had a profound influence on not only jazz musicians but musicians from other genres as well. Arguably Armstrong is considered to have been the epitome of jazz music through his improvisation in playing the trumpet, singing, and rhythm (David 9). Armstrong played a central role in promoting the acceptance of jazz music as a quintessential genre that embodied the American culture. This paper will discuss Armstrong’s contribution to Jazz music and how his career faired…show more content…
Hardin encouraged her husband to seek a fresh start in New York with the Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra which was a popular African-American band. Armstrong joined the New York-based band and immediately took audiences by storm through his electric series of solos in which he pioneered the concept of swing music. The band leader Henderson was impressed by Armstrong’s talent, and he incorporated his swing concept into his band's arrangements which had the successful impact of transforming the band into the first recognized jazz big band (Stein 113). Armstrong’s introduction of the solos in performance of jazz music changed the way jazz music was played. Initially, jazz music was strictly played in highly orchestrated ensembles where musicians could not go solo for an extended period. Thanks to Armstrong, jazz musicians began embracing his new style and his reputation intensified, and he became a highly sought after
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