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In the 1920s, the Harlem Renaissance was a period where African American cultures, social club, and art evolved after World War I to describe the society of blacks (PBS). Many African Americans such as authors, artists, musicians, and poets fled the South to escape persecution and discrimination from the whites (PBS). They expressed racial pride, African American society in the 1920s, and economic hardships in many of their works in poetry, music, literature, and art (Digital History). One of the famous musicians during the Harlem Renaissance was Louis Armstrong because he is known to create a style of music known as jazz.
Louis Armstrong (1900-1971) was born in New Orleans under his maternal grandmother due to family difficulties (Louis Armstrong Biography). A person who decided to leave school in the fifth grade, he joined a various number of jobs such as collecting junk and delivering coal for a Jewish family (Louis Armstrong Biography). He was affiliated with crimes by shooting a gun on a New Year’s Eve parade and was placed in a home for juveniles (Louis Armstrong Biography). While he was in a home for juveniles, he decided to play the cornet and he fell in love with music where he played in local bands during his teenage years (Louis Armstrong). He joined bands in Chicago and New York, where he joined in bands with composers such as Joe Oliver and Fletcher Henderson (Louis Armstrong). Then, he recorded groups of music known as the “Hot Five” and the “Hot Seven” (Louis Armstrong Biography). He was known as “Satchmo” where he starred in movies, broadcasted in radio shows, and produced commercial music (Louis Armstrong). He died in 1971 and he was known as a mass entertainer who revolutionize jazz for the mass public (Louis ...

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...ons because the instruments was showing progression that the piece was concluding. Furthermore, this variation had a fat tempo and a loud pitch at the conclusion of the piece because although the trumpet dominated the variation, the other instruments came together in unison to conclude the piece.
La Cucaracha was a piece that Louis Armstrong created during the Harlem Renaissance. He incorporates elements from the significance of the term La Cucaracha to the background of jazz society in the Harlem Renaissance. Other pieces he produced that was similar to La Cucaracha was Hotter Than That and it shows in this piece how the New Orleans style developed in Chicago, but he alters the musical composition in his interpretation from scat singing. Armstrong use of singing not only inspired other people to make music, but his works inspired today’s society to innovate itself.
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