Louis Armstrong And Jazz Music

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NGUYEN, HIEU—12/05/13
Louis Armstrong
Hot Five
November 12, 1925
Kid Ory plays trombone, Johnny Dodds plays clarinet, Johnny St. Cyr plays banjo, Lil Armstrong plays piano, and Louis Armstrong cornet.
In 1920 the Jazz music has emerged in the City of New Orleans and from there, there were also many great New Orleans Jazz musicians. Jazz is a music style that combines of three main element improvisation, bluesy flavor and swing feeling. Often, African American play Jazz on the street of New Orleans and they started to form bands and perform for people without charging them money. In the early history of Jazz, there was one major artist that has major contributions to Jazz, his name is Louis Armstrong. Armstrong was one of early jazz musicians who were born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Though, many African American Jazz musicians play music on the street of New Orleans but there was not any known record of their musics. Armstrong was one of those early Jazz musicians who move to Chicago where later he play and develop historic jazz style called improvision. Louis Armstrong well known as a soloist performer of his cornet or trumpet. Louis Armstrong using improvising technique where he can compose music while he is solo with his trumpet and create smooths and depth melodies.

One of Louis Armstrong’s well known music piece was “My heart”. In this piece, the band plays in 32-bar AABA chorus with reverse 16 bars from 00:01-02:33. In this song, there are instruments like cornet, clarinet and trombone play soloist and with piano play in the back ground. The sound of cornet and clarinet soloist brings us melody and ryththm of very exciting and charming at the same time. I think this song play in a fast tempo but still create a smooth rhy...

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... swinging, bluesy slow melody in them.
In conclusion, I think the art of improvision and scat singing played a major role in building up a beautiful jazz music. Louis Armstrong did a great job on his improvising music where he create swing feeling and slow bluesy in doing so. I also think that Louis Armstrong also has a god gifted vocal and he was able to use it to make his music melody more attractive. I really like the scat sing, even without words he was able to create beautiful melody and warm rhythm for his song. The song “my heart” itself was a beautiful song that Armstrong and his friends play. The band was able to use improvision technique and play very logic at every chorus and repeat chorus.


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