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1 Running Head: LOUIS ARMSTRONG Louis Armstrong Student’s Name Institution Date of Submission The early life of Louis Armstrong was not any different from that of an ordinary child. Louis Armstrong was born onAugust4th, 1901 in New Orleans, Louisiana in New York. He is a famous Jazz trumpet player as well as a singer. He was born in a family of two by Mr. and Mrs. Willie Armstrong. Due to his passion for singing, he used to sing in the street with friends.After his parent's separation, he lived in Rundown area of New York with his mother sister and grandmother.Louis Armstrong was a great friend to ‘King Oliver' who was the leader of the first great African American band. In 1913 he was arrested for firing a gun into the air a night to the New Year (Armstrong et al., 2010).He was then taken to a reform school known as Waif’s Home where he took a cornet and played in a band. The peak of his musical career started when he organized a band and started recording one of the greatest series in the history of jazz. Hot Five was his first recording band under his name. It was a recording group that has been organized to do Okeh Records, made in Okeh's Chicago, Illinois recording studio. The same personnel recorded a session made under the pseudonym "Lil's Hotshots" for Vocalion/Brunswick. Hot five played together only for two parties organized by OkehRecords.In1925 to1927 he did his first recording and his second recording was done in 1928. These two recordings were done in two different groups namely "Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five (Armstrong, 2016). The original Hot Five was, other than Armstrong's wife Lil Hardin Armstrong on piano, all New Orleans musicians who Armstrong had worked within that city in the 1910s: Kid ... ... middle of paper ... ...bands, which were of lesser quality, up to 1947. The big-band era then ended. In the 1930s he had achieved international fame, having toured Europe as a soloist and singer in 1932. After World War II, and his 1948 trip to France, he became a constant world traveler.Some of the continents he journeyed through were Europe, Africa, Japan, Australia, and South America. He also appeared in numerous films, the best of which was Satchmo the Great (1957). Armstrong later died in 1971. References Anderson, G. H. (2017). Louis Armstrong: Master of Modernism. By Thomas Brothers. New York: WW Norton, 2014. Journal of the Society for American Music, 11(1), 110-113. Armstrong, L. (2016). Meet Louis Armstrong. Armstrong, L., Teagarden, J., Bigard, B., Hines, E., Shaw, A., Cole, C., & Kyle, B. (2010). Louis Armstrong. editedydistribuidopor BMG Music Spain.

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