Lost in the Fog, Memoir of a Bastard by Rachel Van Meers

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The main character, Rachel was born without a father and to a mother who doesn’t care about her, telling her “she is a nail in her coffin.” Rachel’s mother also severely beats her at times. Rachel is mainly raised by her grandparents and her aunts and uncles while her mother works at a factory named The Congo. Rachel’s mother agrees to marry Alfred Caluwaerts because he doesn’t mind that she had a daughter, to give Rachel a last name and to tell everyone Rachel had a father. However, Rachel doesn’t see him as a father because he didn’t talk to her and just wanted to get rid of her. However, Alfred soon leaves because of Rachel’s mother constant controlling attitude and cheating with Geoffrey Voorst. Rachel’s mother separates from the church and moves in with Geoff who didn’t have a job. When the Nazi’s invaded Belgium, Rachel’s mother and Geoff both joined the S.S. In addition, during Rachel’s first communion she didn’t receive a missal that the other children received because she was a bastard, and she remembered that day forever. Geoff takes most of the money they were supposed to receive from the S.S. Rachel’s mother got pregnant each time Geoff came from leave. One time when Geoff was back on leave, Geoff was abusing Rachel’s mother and was in an agreement with Rachel, therefore Rachel spit on his uniform. That action landed Rachel into a German camp, and Rachel later found out that her own mother signed papers allowing her to be taken to the camp. In the camp, Rachel is mistreated and used for force labor on a farm. Rachel gets out of the camp when she falls sick and she is taken to a hospital and helped by nuns and priests which when she finds out their secret she later dislikes them. Rachel is also helped by Charles the fa... ... middle of paper ... ... life. I really did. But then again, something stopped me and said, “No, no, no, no, that’s not the way to go.” There has to be somewhere, there is somebody that can pick you up.” (137). Rachel was strong and even after what she had been through; she knew she just had to be stronger. Rachel is a great role model showing strength and sending a message of never giving up and being a fighter to men and women. Rachel also sends the message of faith, and how it gives strength. Rachel is also an inspiration to many people who have faced the cruelties in life. Even through what Rachel had been in her past with her religion, she didn’t let it define the way she saw her religion. Rachel’s heartfelt story, unique story style, messages and inspiration, makes Lost in the Fog, a great book to be read by all. Which would leave messages stuck with the reader after the put it down.
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