Loss of Morality: The Criminal Mind

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The criminal mind is a place of nightmarish pain, suffering, chaos and delusion. What causes someone seemingly living a healthy live in a nice suburban neighbourhood lose themselves to criminal behaviour? How does one achieve this mindset, must you be born with it or do you somehow acquire it through experiences and situations you are surrounded with in everyday life? It makes more logical sense that someone would be influenced to crime through people they know, experiences and situations they have been placed in, and televised entertainment that portrays criminal behaviour. Could the simple act of watching a violent movie impact someone enough mentally to corrupt their entire lifestyle? Does the influence of society from birth have enough of a psychological effect to criminalize people? Are criminals born or are they made? Criminals must be made, there is really no other position you can look at it from. To be born a criminal would mean that all criminals would be showing signs of immoral behaviour at young ages and would surely have many warning signs to a life of crime. The problem is that that is not the case. What about all those seemingly harmless civilians who one day out of the blue goes bad. It makes no sense; the only explanation is that criminals must be made. The questions in this essay will prove that criminal minds are that of clay and must be crafted as opposed to fruit on a tree which is naturally occurring. The first point that must be argued in order to prove the overall message is that violence in society or on televised entertainment can actually have enough psychological effect on someone to corrupt their minds. “Any night of the week, the average viewer can see levels of violence approaching an... ... middle of paper ... ... going to have to fix with new philosophies and a new way of life that leads to a brighter future. Works Cited • Emery, J. (2010, January 19). Cannabis Culture. Retrieved from http://www.cannabisculture.com/v2/content/2010/03/03/Prohibition-Fails-Reduce-Teen-Marijuana-Use • Hartgrove, P. (2010, June 1). LEADERU.COM. Retrieved from http://www.leaderu.com/orgs/probe/docs/violence.html • Hayes, B. (2010, June 2). Allegory of the Cave. Retrieved from age-of-the-sage.org: http://www.age-of-the-sage.org/greek/philosopher/myth_allegory_cave_plato.html • Librarian, D. (2010, June 2). History of the Bloods and the Crips. Retrieved from daymix: http://daymix.com/History-Crips-Bloods/ • Miller, J. (2010, June 2). Retrieved from Canlii: www.canlii.org • Netfirms, I. (2010, February 23). Retrieved from http://www.thefreeradical.ca/Violent_crime_statistics_Canada.htm
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