Loss Of Innocence In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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In Mary Shelley’s gothic tragedy Frankenstein, the creature’s vengeance towards its maker is justified. This is through the novel’s ideas of abandonment, loss of innocence and the dangers of ambition: all effects of the actions of Victor Frankenstein. Furthermore, Shelley incorporates her personal ideology of romanticism into the text to give the narrative extra depth and meaning, as well as strengthen the resentment of the natural creature against the nature-defying Victor. It is in these ways that the author presents the beast’s retribution towards its creator as necessary. The narrative’s idea of abandonment clearly illustrates the way in which the wretch’s revenge against Victor is right. Unwillingly brought to life, the fragmented beast, …show more content…

It is this loss of innocence that leads the wretch to internal suffering and resentment towards life itself – all because of its creator’s lack of responsibility and severe indulgence in his goal for success. Following society’s exclusivity, the wretch is subjected to a “miserable life in the woods”, falling victim to the “injustice and ingratitude of their infliction”. This corruption of innocence illustrates Shelley’s criticism of society due to her romanticism: society being perceived as a plague to unrestrained and unadulterated nature. Moreover, this internal decay of the wretch develops “feelings of kindness and gentleness” into “hellish rage”. From this, the wording of this allows the author to present the beast as demonic, his turn from love to revenge making him resemble “a thing such as even Dante couldn’t conceive”. In doing so, the “filthy daemon” resorts to savagery, living a tortured life he did not want, a puppet to the machinations of Victor Frankenstein. From this, the beast’s actions are not only justifiable but also aid in presenting the wretch as sympathetic and tortured in comparison to the vilified Frankenstein. Expanding upon this, the wretch symbolically serves as the external corruption of Victor’s innocence from his ambition for godhood, conveying it is a dangerous obsession for success that leaves natural …show more content…

It is from being consumed by his drive for greatness that Frankenstein creates a being which “filled [his] heart with great horror and disgust”, illustrating it is the irrationality of desires that lead to self-mutilation and destruction. Moreover, the wretch symbolically attempting to join man reflects the ways in which Victor attempts to join gods, as it clearly conveys the tragic protagonist is too demonic and corrupted by the destructiveness of man to be anything greater. The wretch’s ambition to join humanity to satisfy its unwanted existence only to be excluded and beaten provokes its realisation that it must ultimately be “lost in the darkness” and descend back into the depths it derives from. It in this death with its creator that it finally achieves meaning in its existence: the teaching of Robert Walton that he will not commit the same mistakes the wretch and Victor has. From this, Shelley conveys the destructive nature of ambition serves as impetus behind tragedy and despair, the beast yearning only to be accepted in a society in which he is the only one of his kind. Being denied joy, acceptance and love, it is only justified that a force of nature such as the creature would deteriorate into savagery and hatred - fully developing into a lifeless husk of pain and anguish. In presenting

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how mary shelley's gothic tragedy, frankenstein, demonstrates the creature’s vengeance towards its maker as justified through its ideas of abandonment, loss of innocence, and the dangers of ambition
  • Analyzes how the narrative's idea of abandonment illustrates the way in which the wretch’s revenge against victor is right. shelley integrates religious symbolism into the text.
  • Analyzes shelley's criticism of society due to her romanticism. the wretch symbolizes the external corruption of victor’s innocence from his ambition for godhood.
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