Losing Time: Notes: Healing Time

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Healing Time The pain never really goes away, you just make room for it. Losing someone or something that you care so deeply for is devastating. The pain is carried with you everywhere you go. The stages of something happening to you that is dreadful are very hard to grasp. You expect something to be there forever ; and now it’s just gone. When something hits you like a truck you just lay there, thinking about what you could have done differently to save it. You think of the one million and one scenarios that you should have made tried to make happen, or the words you should have said, maybe even showed them how much you appreciated that one person. Secondly, you begin to cope with it, it never ever goes away and you soon realize it. Everywhere you go, everything you do, you think of that one person. Thinking about how different it would be, what they would be wearing, what kind of mood they would be in. Everything you do reminds you of them. You begin to shut people off because you think life would be so much better if the tragedy happened to you instead of them. You may even think no one wants you here, or maybe no one cares. When people begin to reach out to you , you push them more and more away because the pain keeps getting worse. You begin to lose…show more content…
You would do anything to see them again, alive and with you. You remember their favorite movie, food, color, everything about them. If you encounter anything they loved it automatically makes you slumped, and deprived of happiness. If you're out having fun and you see something that catches you off guard you want to go home and sleep. Sleeping is a short term medicine. When you're sleeping you don't feel pain or agony. The suffering is gone, just like that. When you wake up you're lifeless, moody and depressed. When you lose someone you care so deeply for you are deprived of life love and

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