Los Angeles Olympics

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In 1923 the Olympic Organizing Committee for the United States as well as the entire nation was ecstatic to hear from the IOC that Los Angeles had won their bid to host the 1932 Summer Olympic Games. Construction was already completed on the main stadium, where the opening and closing ceremonies were set to take place in less than a decade. However, excitement soon gave way to panic and frustration as the New York Stock Market crashed in 1929 and the worldwide Great Depression set in. Suddenly, being awarded the responsibility of hosting as well as funding the upcoming Olympic Games no longer felt like a victory. As the Depression carried on 13 million Americans helplessly plummeted into unemployment, which at the time was 25 percent of the eligible working population. This devastation was not limited to the United States, unfortunately it managed to engulf many other equally helpless countries as well. England was stuck with 3 million unemployed citizens and Germany was being assaulted from all angles as inflation skyrocketed while Hitler and his Nazis continued to increase in power and influence. As the 1932 Olympics crept closer, concerned and economically ravaged American citizens began demonstrating against hosting the Olympics, expecting that any effort and money put into the event would be wasted and only worsen the countries economic situation. Not only was the economic Depression a serious threat to the success of the Games but this combined with the extensive traveling it would require most Europeans to endure in order to reach the seemingly remote city of Los Angeles seems almost insurmountable. In fact, for many European competitors it would take them a week to cross the Atlantic by ship and then several more days ... ... middle of paper ... ...te passionately, win with class and lose respectfully to a more than worthy opponent. The Olympics, like the city of Los Angeles, provides a venue in which people of all races and religions will gather and share space and experiences. Los Angeles has wasted and in fact, ruined the unique opportunity a metropolis provides to improve oneself by learning, understanding and appreciating the differences and quirks that are inherent in each unique person. The Olympics, fortunately, will always be a venue far too exclusive for ignorant, judgmental minds, only the most honorable and dedicated competitors will ever be given the privilege of taking part and it is certain that they will not squander such an amazing and rare gift as diversity alongside equality.
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