Lorenzo's oil

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Paragraph 1 Attention getter- There are numerous ethical issues within this movie including but not limited to Beneficence, Nonmaleficence, Justice, Veracity, Fidelity, Communitarian, Egalitarian, and Utilitarianism. The violation of all these principles, as well as ethical codes and conduct that should take place within the medical profession. Expanding to the Doctors, Medical Scientist, and foundation leaders ascending to the needs of these Experts. BNA- Beneficence and Nonmaleficence can intrude on Autonomy of the patient which in this case includes the ALD patients. In this movie there is no known cure nor treatment for this genetic disorder, in the beginning these dying patients blindly follow what they are being told by the doctors concerning their child's health. They have faith that the doctors will be honest, keep their promises. However little did they know that the doctors had no intention of abiding by the ethical concepts of veracity and fidelity. The Lorenzo's have seen many medical experts that assured them that they not only have their child's best interest at heart, but keeping them comfortable. In contradiction with that these medical experts have done nothing to minister to Lorenzo. The purpose of the medical field is to protect the patient from harm and discomfort, including a balance between the benefits and risks of the study. The doctors should not interfere in the normal process of the body unless they know for a fact it will make the body better. Mainly because the body in many cases will heal itself, secondly because medical science have turned out to be harmful rather than helpful. Although in Lorenzo's case he does need interference from an outside force to make his body better. While not doing any ha... ... middle of paper ... ...e movie one of the doctors told Lorenzo's mother that she was the cause of Lorenzo's disease because it is only carried on the x chromosome. They use victim blaming by making these parents believe that they are accountable for the child's own situation and are responsible for making their children better by doing everything the doctor's instruct them, knowing that it could have no benefit for the children, let alone knowing how it would affect them. After reviewing this movie in depth I am happy that these ethical principles are in place because using patients as guinea pigs, considering blaming the patients, along with their families, for the doctor's arrogance. I am happy that before it was too late the Odones finally said no, they will not be a victim anymore, and continued that by not being one of the parents that followed blindly like a mindless herd of sheep.
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