Lord of the Flies

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A leader is a person that could destroy one’s innocence and wisdom if the power is abused. This is shown in the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding. This novel is about a group of young boys that are thrown onto an island with no adults. For that reason, the boys decide to vote for a leader to establish some rules and decisions, not knowing the responsibility a leader requires. With Jack and Ralph competing for authority and Piggy continually being overlooked, they are driven to take sides. Not only does this cause the lack of communication among the boys, but also disrupts the law and order on the island. Since Jack pursues his obsession with hunting, he transforms his group to become more savage-like. Ralph and Piggy observe the boys slowly losing their contact with civilization and recognize that it is indispensable that they find rescue. Although Jack and Piggy have some leadership qualities, Ralph is the best leader.
Different leaders have different perspectives; Jack is a leader that understands things otherwise. His perception of a leader is being authoritative, obstinate, and ruthless. Throughout the novel, Jack acts like a leader by assigning boys duties of his choice, even though Ralph was elected leader. In the novel Jack says, “I’ve called an assembly…because of a lot of things” (138). This quote is about Jack calling a meeting to discuss the issues revolving the boys. This is also when Ralph interrupts Jack to take the assembly into his own hands, but Jack reminds Ralph that he is the one that blew the conch. The quote shows that Jack is a good leader because of the confidence he has to call an assembly, as well as his ability to voice his opinion firmly. Jack is a character where his negative traits overpowe...

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..., leaders are those that are praised for the work they produce, and those that know the true meaning of a good leader. Jack could be a leader with many advocates because of his ability to speak well and convincingly. However, Jack is the one responsible for creating a group of ruthless hunters, as well as the murders of pigs, and boys. Along with Jack, Piggy is a character that is fairly suitable for a leader except for the fact that Piggy is outspoken and weaker among the boys. Nevertheless, Ralph is a good leader physically and mentally because he knew the regulations that needed to be accepted in order to live safely. Ralph is a character that was optimistic throughout the book and was one that had thoughts of giving up but continued to fight and live. Leaders are those that will be remembered, respected, and reborn. In any case, there is always a leader, always.
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