Lord Of The Flies Leadership

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In the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding, there are many leadership traits shown by two of the main characters, Jack and Ralph. Although they both have a role as some type of leader, they are not the same and have very different leadership views and styles. Ralph wants to do everything he can so that they can survive on the island, but Jack goes crazy and becomes a savage with a thirst for blood. In the book, Ralph is not known to be the strongest boy on the island, but he shows a better understanding of people than Jack, which is a very important trait for a leader to have. Ralph applies these useful qualities by working towards the problems that need to be solved. He knows that the boys need order and an organized plan if they want to survive on the island. With this in mind, he creates something like a government, with rules and him voted as leader by the boys on the island. Ralph knows that in order for things to work and for the boys to follow him, he needs to show them respect and must treat them all equally. This makes him a good leader and proves that he is able to ...
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