Lord Of The Flies, By William Golding

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n The Deadly Sin of Greed The sin of greed encompasses the desire for more power and attention than necessary. Greed is not easily satisfied, as portrayed in the novel, The Lord of the Flies, and the television series, Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, Jack, the novel’s antagonist, exemplifies greed. His appetite for power and complete control consumed him, making him the representation of savagery and inhumanity. Even after he became the leader, it was not enough for Jack. In the television series, Pretty Little Liars, Charlotte DiLaurentis, more commonly known as CeCe Drake, was overwhelmed by her greed as it stemmed from obsession. All CeCe wanted was to be loved by the family she was torn from. CeCe escaped from a mental institution to play a game in which she blackmailed her sister’s friends. At first it was an amusing game to CeCe. She felt in control and in her greed, desired for more. However in the course of the game, her greed was not satisfied. Her game became more intense to gain her sister’s attention. Her need for attention was fueled by greed and resulted in her sins. In another television series, Gossip Girl, Dan Humphrey is the figure yearning for popularity. He is illustrated as a loner and misfit among the elite crowd of the Upper East Side. Dan wanted to be a part of the crowd. Even though he was not popular, in his greed to become it he created a website that spread gossip about the members in the elite crowd and included himself in it. He did not stop gossiping even after those teenagers became his closest friends. His greed for more attention led to his deadly sins of betraying his friends’ trust. Greed is a desire that is powerful a... ... middle of paper ... ...st. From the three sources, some key aspects have to cut out to attain a definition that fits all three sources together, not just one. For instance, Jack from Lord of the Flies greeds for authority and complete control over the rest of the boys on the island. However, in Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl, both CeCe and Dan focus more on self-recognition than Golding’s novel. These two characters have a more stronger similarity, and so for that reason the reference to these two sources is taken into consideration more than Jacks greed. Lord of the Flies may not be as strong of a comparison to the other two because it holds the least similarity. These two sources overpower the third when establishing a broader definition that can encompass all three sources. All three of the sources together describe the sin to be greed, but illustrate it in different circumstances.

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