Lord Of The Flies

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It was about 2am when the air raid siren sounded. Ralph sat nervously under the table in the air raid shelter with his fair hair plastered to his face, sweat dripping down his pale cheek. The warmth of his mother’s arms gave him comfort and the feeling of safety he so much longed for but still, he could not help the feeling of fear as he sat their awaiting the unexpected. Outside the sounds of bombs and gunfire would drill into their heads like a bad headache that wouldn’t go away. With every ‘bang’ Ralph and his mother would shudder. Although they were not being hit directly, the bombs were being dropped in fields close by and Ralph and his family were apprehensive they were going to be hit.

It was about 4am when there was a ‘lull’ in the bombing, Ralph and his uncle decided to look outside. As they stood at the front doorstep, they looked up and the whole sky was lit with a bright crimson glow and it seemed as though the city was on fire. After a couple of minutes the sound of enemy bombers could be heard coming from a distance. They quickly ran inside the house and crawled under the table. After a few minutes, a parachute mine landed at the end of Westcott lane. Every house on the street was torn inside out or badly damaged.

Ralph sedated by the blast awoke later that morning to find his mother running around what remained of the house.

“what are you doing mother?” he asked

“You need to get out Ralph; you need to go somewhere safer”.

“What! Where will I go?”

Ralph’s mother turned around kneeled over and stared him in the eyes. Ralph could see the fearful and worried look in her eyes, she was trembling and had sweat dripping down her pointed chin, and he could see she was afraid.

“I don’t know”, she started “but you cannot stay here, you’re not safe”.

She turned around and kept packing his bags and said,

“Your school is having an evacuation for all students wanting to get out of the country”. She turned around to look at him again, “I want you to go with them”.

Ralph was bewildered. He did not want to leave his family, but he knew he had to except his mother’s decision.

Later on in the day when Ralph and his mother had finished packing his bag, it was time to leave.

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