Looking to future

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Over the course of the last 50 Years NSA has been arguably the most constant producer of Intelligence across the Intelligence Community. Although they have led the way in collection and production they have also on several occasions failed to see technological changes. This lack of foresight has had devastating consequences. I believe that NSA has learned several key lessons from the past. They have are better understand of the need to stay ahead of technology advancement in order to perform SIGINT collection, exploitation, and offensive operations. Lessons learned must be followed by actions to be effective. Cyber Command being Control by the General Alexander, Director of NSA, is a perfect example. “U.S. Cyber Command was born in the aftermath of Operation Buckshot Yankee, the military's 14-month response to a worm that spread on defense networks via flash drive in 2008, leaking military information to what Alexander and other Pentagon leaders describe as a foreign nation state.”[1] Why was this important role linked so closely to the National Security Agency? Perhaps they were t...
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