Looking for a Beneficial Solution to the Syrian Crisis

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The time has come for all parties – national, regional and international to take credible steps toward a mutually beneficial resolution to the Syrian crisis. The war between Bashar al-Assad’s administration and the rebels has reached an impasse. Neither side has been able to deliver a decision blow and the record on resolving civil wars is clear – until external actors reach some sort form of accommodation, they will continue to fund and arm their proxies, and the war will continue indefinitely. Hence, the UN calls upon the United States of America and the Russian Federation to exercise their influence in the region, cease “destructive competition” and collectively pursue a solution to this crisis consistent with the Geneva Communiqué agreed to and issued on 30th June 2012.

The UN recognizes that the current dispute over Ukraine is likely to take precedence in diplomatic efforts of the United States and Russia. However, in light of the massive number of casualties (150, 000 lives, more than a third civilians from both sides of the conflict, including upwards of 7,000 children and 5,000 women) and ever worsening humanitarian and military crisis, the UN hopes both Russia and US recognize that it is imperative to resolve the Syrian crisis and view these two incidents in separate vacuums.


As permanent members of the UN Security Council with veto powers, Russia and United States wield political power through the threat of enforcement measures (Chapter VII of the Charter). Russia and the United States must use this enforcement capability to craft a compromise that restores peace to Syria.

In addition to threats of sanctions, Russia and the United States must utilize their influence in ...

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...lition – elements that have links to anti Russian Islamists.

Russian Role in Iran

Like Saudi Arabia, Iran does not have the capacity to win a long proxy war in Syria. Russia should pressure Iran to search for a political instead of a military solution to the Syrian conflict. Such a settlement could bring peace to Syria while still protecting Iranian core interests – ensuring its connecting with Hezbollah and Lebanon while staving off Western control of Damascus.

The Way Forward

Civil war history has shown that in conflict resolution, nothing is possible without genuine compromise from all players. The stalemate means that all players must shift – the Syrian government, the rebel alliance, regional powers such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, as well as international powers such as the United States and Russia. For the sake of the Syrian people and combating al-Qaeda,

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